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Company Background

Knoxed Ltd is company whose foundations were laid with long-term vision and a clear goal, bridging the gap between manufacturers and the clients, through vertically integrated systems and sourcing competencies.

The company was founded by a diverse and multicultural pool of innovative business and technology graduates, whose efforts were catalysed by the opportunity of starting operations in Oxford, a city known for worldwide innovation.

A truly innovative start-up Knoxed was rapidly able to evolve from a small scale business to a global company with operations in the UK, China and India.

Initial operations were in the field of RFID technology, aimed at the POS systems market, and with steady growth the company diversified its operations portfolio to become one of the leading global High-End Audio equipment suppliers.

One of the core competencies of the company was not to get cornered into a strict B2C or retail business model, and through strategic planning Knoxed has managed to create a distribution network equally suited at selling to then end user or B2B.

It was this ability to cater for all types of clients that provided the trigger for the launch UKHDMI and of Knoxed E-Trade, our new fully integrated sales systems, one for retail and one for our trade partners.

In House Design & Development

At Knoxed there is a firm belief that vertical integration and self sufficiency is a key attribute of a successful global dynamic business.

The ability to develop our own products in conjunction with manufacturers as well as our own trade systems enables us to retain complete control of our distribution and operations, and thus able to deliver a completely customised solution to the client, that can adapt and evolve with the current market conditions and trends..

The same philosophy spreads to our product selections, as we only carry product lines that we have either had an active role in the development or products where quality reaches the same standards we would expect from a product created by us for our clients.

The launch of the Knoxed E-trade system will provide us with the opportunity of offering one of the UKS first extranet solution built up in conjunction with our trade partners, as we can make tailored modifications to how the system works real time and aim to offer a truly innovative sales system where the foundations are laid through the elicitation of user feedback.

Truly Live Systems

One of the challenges faced by modern businesses is catering for diverse client types (consumers or Trade partners) through one integrated system from one warehouse.

The Knoxed e-trade system is built with price and stock dynamics in mind, and will provide final price data for all types of products and clients based on real UK stock levels and scale of purchase. Our system is designed to minimise and at the same enrich the value of client interaction; no time will be wasted in pro forma quotes as the system will produce these in real time.

All a trade partner has to do is select their products and amount selected and through the e-trade portal he will be provided with our best prices for the order, economies of scale will all be taken into account and calculated dynamically by our systems to streamline the purchasing process.

The e-trade system incorporates:

  • A secure Communication interface
  • Access to real stock levels
  • Purchase history with all previous invoices listed
  • Final Prices for all quantity of orders
Exclusive Product Ranges

Product exclusivity is one of the pillars that support the vision of Knoxed-trade. One of our main competitive advantages is our tight collaboration with leading brands in the manufacturing sector in China, and this was strategically achieved through the strategic incorporation of knowledge-rich local resources into our global operations. It is thanks to this local advantage we possess that we are able to bridge communication and cultural barriers that often create problems for western companies operating in China. The ability to offer customised products is also what drove us to enter the trade and installer market as we are able to provide items where the mass scale installer is kept in mind, for example flattened cables to go behind skirting boards or rotatable connector heads to simplify the orientation of connections. The best part of this ability to customise is that it transforms what would normally be a static process of 'order and adapt to context' to a iterative process, where in conjunction with our trade partners we can design and develop bespoke solutions to make the installation process, easier, faster and overall more efficient.

In the last few months we have been able to establish partnerships with leading brands such as Cablesson, Octava, Panasonic and Nintendo to ensure our product lines contain only the highest quality and latest products all at prices that are very competitive. We are proud to have been the first company WORLDWIDE to launch products complaint with the new HDMI 1.4 standard. .

The new spec HDMI 1.4, allows our HDMI cables to handle 3-D HD content and 4K high-definition formats used in digital cinemas, which have much higher resolution than the 2K or 1080p content available on Blu-ray disc. Most noticeable is that the 1.4 specification will add a data channel to the HDMI cable and will enable high-speed bi-directional communication. The devices will be able to send and receive data via 100 Mb/sec Ethernet, making them instantly ready for any IP-based application. The new specification will also add an Audio Return Channel that will reduce the number of cables required to deliver audio upstream for processing and playback..

Furthermore we are at the forefront of the upcoming DisplayPort equipment market, and we aim to be a sector leader in any of the many advancing technologies that are still in R&D stage such as Holographic technologies

Proven Business Model - Retail

As briefly mentioned earlier Knoxed is involved both in the installer and the end user market, we believe that High Definition need not be taxing or complicated, hence working with our customers to provide them with the best solutions in regards to their HD queries. With this in mind we set off to exploit our sourcing and product quality advantages to test the business model at retail level.

Our system, which was intended for much larger orders, was swiftly able to adapt to the consumer level and what started of as an experiment to test the market is now, one of the leading suppliers of HD related materials to the UK and EU. UKHDMI is now very profitable and retails our products at a margin of 50%.

This is the same margin we are willing to disclose to our trade partners through the e-trade portal, and the increased purchasing power created once some partnerships are in place can then be re-used to generate larger margins, increase quality and provide the opportunity to develop more bespoke and exclusive products.

Growth and Expansion

Our business philosophy will always be to provide our customers with the best products at the best possible price without compromising on quality, but at the same time we realise that the amount of competitive advantage generated by our unique approach can b exploited not just in the UK and EU market but there is definitely potential to enter the markets of USA, South America and the remaining EMEA territories where we are currently not present as part of the HD market.

Our successful involvement in the High End Audio sector for the past 5 years has allowed us to create a distribution networks in most European countries and we are looking to exploit those partnerships for the HD market, and as from our experience with the Chinese operations has taught us we find that aligning ourselves with a local player is a more efficient way to manage knowledge, and we see Knoxed E-trade as the ideal opportunity for Installers and retailers to be leaders in their sector whilst relying on our infrastructure and ever evolving integrated systems.

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