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Introduction the NEW KAISER 1.4 HDMI CABLE to the Cablesson HDMI range. The Kaiser HDMI Cable takes advantage of the new and improved function of the 1.4 specification, including Ethernet Channel which will allow your HD equipment to connect directly to the Internet without addition cables. Another advantage will be the Audio Return Channel. Since HDMI transmits sound through the HDMI Cable, this has been simplified by allowing your HDTV to send audio upstream for processing and playback to your AV amplifier. With a 24 AWG cable to ensure the best and smoothest transmission of the digital data. Future-proof yourself with HDMI 1.4.
Component video Y Pr Pb / Y Cr Cb is the among the best analog methods for transferring crisp vibrant video from your various sources. It will support high definition up to 1080i and progressive scan signals. Cablesson offers standard grade cables made with the finest materials and constructed wi..... Read More
DisplayPort DP was developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association VESA and is a royalty-free digital video transmission standard. DisplayPort Cables have become the new standard for high end video equipment and we have taken the initiative to be one of the first to offer this new techno..... Read More
FireWire cables are designed and produced to the highest IEEE-1394b standard and specifications. Deliver you multimedia data in real-time error-free and with data transfer speeds up to 800Mbps twice the speed of original FireWire. Produced with a special braided and pvc skin enabling the cable to..... Read More
HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. It represents a digital alternative to consumer analog standards such as Radio Frequency RF coaxial cable composite video S-Video SCART component video D-Terminal and VGA. HDMI..... Read More
Optical Cable is designed specifically for todays hi-performance home entertainment products. TosLinkā„¢ and EIA-J compatible and delivers highly accurate digital information. Constructed from a High Grade Light Conductive Core and insulated by a non-reflective black PVC dielectric to help reduces j..... Read More
Van Damme now use a higher purity oxygen free copper for the conductors - Ultra Pure Oxygen Free Copper UPOFC. The use of this material further improves the solderability and conductivity of the conductor resulting in faithful and transparent signal reproduction...... Read More
Component video cable for use with the Nintendo Wii console. This cable enhances picture quality to 480p resolution resulting in clear crisp images with brighter colours. Ideal for larger flatscreen HD tvs with component inputs...... Read More
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